Lateral Transfer

Work for another agency and want to transfer to Wauwatosa? We honor your previous service through an accelerated pay scale.


Prior years of sworn law enforcement experience will place you in the correlating pay step (effective July 1, 2024):


      • One Year of Completed Service:                    Step 1 $76,603       $36.83 / hour
      • Two Years of Completed Service:                  Step 2 $82,154       $39.50 / hour
      • Three Years of Completed Service:               Step 3 $84,518        $40.63 / hour
      • Four Years of Completed Service:                 Step 4 $86,301        $41.49 / hour
      • Five Years of Completed Service:                  Step 5 $88,218        $42.41 / hour
      • Six or More Years of Completed Service:     Step 6 $89,542        $43.05 / hour

Prior years of sworn law enforcement experience will be counted toward your starting vacation time:


      • One Year of Completed Service – 10 Vacation Days
      • 4-10 Years of Completed Service – 15 Vacation Days
      • 11-14 Years of Completed Service – 20 Vacation Days
      • 15-19 Years of Completed Service – 23 Vacation Days
      • 20-24 Years of Completed Service – 25 Vacation Days
      • 25 or More Years of Completed Service – 26 Vacation Days

Wauwatosa offers incredible benefits to lateral transfers.

There are a number of ways we support our employees:

  1. We offer lateral pay and vacation. Keep your salary and your hard-earned vacation time.
  2. Wisconsin has one of the top three pension systems in the United States. Our pension is fully funded. Your retirement is based on age and years of service. Most of our officers retire between 50 and 53 years of age.
  3. Single and family healthcare plans are available with deductible credits for participating in wellness programs.
  4. We have a free onsite health clinic for you and your dependents on the insurance plan. This includes many medications at no cost.
  5. We have an onsite workout facility, built in 2022. If you have a separate gym membership or digital gym membership (ex: Peloton), we offer a reimbursement program.
  6. Fitness, dietician, and wellness coaches offer free classes and consultations onsite.
  7. Your full uniform and equipment is issued upon hiring. After three years, you will receive $800 annually to maintain your uniforms, and purchase new equipment.
  8. We get new squad cars after 60,000 miles, and they are regularly updated with electronics and equipment.
  9. No residency requirement. Live where you like and work with us.
  10. We offer paid parental leave (for mother and father after a child birth, adoption, or foster). You earn this upon hire.
  11. There is extensive in-house and off-site training programs. Want to become an instructor? There are multiple disciplines to consider.
  12. We have a continuing education incentive program. Receive reimbursement for college, masters, or doctorate credits.
  13. We have several specialty units on which you can serve.


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